About us

The founding meeting of Estonian Arboricultural Society (EAÜ) took place on 1.07.2008. 


In 1924 first professional association was created, which has outgrown by today to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Estonian Arboricultural Society is an associated member of ISA.

Since 14.02.2019 the arborist qualification is issued by Estonian Arboricultural Society, exams are arranged in cooperation with Luua Forestry School. 

Members of the Union are arborists and other interested persons.


The goals of the Union are:

  • to improve the condition, decorativeness and vitality of urban high landscaping;
  • to develop the professional skills of of tree workers and to stand for the rights and interests of certified arborists;
  • to explain to public the tree care methods that are scientifically proven and based on tree biology;
  • to assist municipalities and private owners in finding best possible solutions and specialists for taking care of their trees;
  • to value the arborist profession.